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For anyone interested in discussing the Portuguese Golden Visa program, its rules, requirements, benefits, and so on.

The Golden Visa in Portugal will go through some changes as of 2022. You may want to bear that In mind when publishing a comment. :dizzy:

Greetings Robin,
My husband and I have read the article by Barb T about her own experience pursuing the Golden Visa in Portugal. I would like to contact her, but clicking on the link in the article just sent me up to the top of the page. I have joined the Forum, partly in the hopes that it would allow me to do this (besides being a wealth of information on this and other topics!). Can you point me in the right direction?
Eileen T.

Hi, chiming in with same question as Eileen T. Would love to take Barb T on her offer of sharing further info. Thanks so much!