Digital Nomad Village Madeira, Portugal

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Digital nomads enjoy the benefits of the freedom to explore the globe while working. It’s a terrific opportunity to mix business and vacation. You can stay in beautiful places for a while and discover them after work.

Digital nomad villages provide nomads with an excellent working environment. They also let digital nomads meet lots of people from around the world. They can have the chance to join the community with them.

Digital nomad village in Madeira is one of Portugal’s innovations for digital nomads.. Let’s begin by looking into the village’s features.

Digital Nomads Village on Madeira

Madeira has always been one of the favorite spots for digital nomads and expats. However, there was no such proper place for working and socializing on the island. Thus, the first formal digital nomad village opened in 2021 in Madeira, Ponta Do Sol. It received a lot of great feedback right away. It has received around 5000 applications from over 90 various countries.

The Digital Nomad Village has been described as Portugal’s “most spectacular offering for the remote working community.” It is committed to welcoming a strong number of workers who value the freedom and flexibility that comes with the digital nomad lifestyle.

How Can You Apply for Digital Nomad Valley in Madeira?

When you go to the website of Digital Nomad Madeira, you can find the application form. After filling and sending the form, you will receive a personalized welcome email. You will also receive guidance and information on locating suitable housing, available working spaces, COVID-19 rules, and testing on Madeira. You will also get assistance in meeting local partners, obtaining a visa, and launching a business. 

Most importantly, you will join the Madeira Digital Nomads Village community’s official Slack channel. In there, you may meet roommates, travel companions, and essential recommendations from people who have previously arrived. Info about special nomad events, seminars, coffee groups, and vacations is also available.

digital nomad village madeiraA working space in the village ©Digital Nomads Madeira Island

Working Space in Madeira, Ponta Do Sol 

The John do Passos Cultural Centre is home to the Working Space. It was established in honor of John dos Passos, a prominent author of Portuguese heritage.

According to the official site of the village;  

  • The interior working area can host 20 digital nomads who are welcome to use the tables, chairs, energy plugs, and desktops.
  • Over 25 visitors may utilize the outside space to work, interact, and make phone calls.
  • Every day at work, all Digital Nomads are encouraged to take a temperature reading.
  • The space also involves all recognized safety precautions, such as social distance, washing hands, and mask usage.
  • The collaboration with NOS Madeira provides fast WiFi: 500 MB (Download) / 300 MB (Upload).

Accommodation Options in Madeira

You may use rental services or Facebook groups to find your accommodation. However, the official partner of the village, the Flatio / NomadX’s website, is the easiest way to find it. It enables you to book stays in various parts of the island for a min 14 days. You can receive a 25% discount on the service charge if you use the coupon code: DigitalNomadsMadeira.

Furthermore, if you want to reduce expenses more, you may hunt for roommates on the Digital Nomad’s Village official Slack channel.

You can find more on the following options; 

The Community of the Digital Nomad Village

More than 300 individuals have visited the digital nomad village, the working space. Apart from access to the Slack channel, digital nomads can meet inspired people and participate in workshops and seminars.

Society is also concerned about nomads’ free times. Calming techniques, yoga, reiki, and Tai Chi are among their favorite activities. One of the island’s features is CrossTraining. Nomads can finish the day with a drink at their favorite local café while watching the sunset.

madeira digital nomad village©Digital Nomads Madeira Island

Where Is Madeira and Ponta Do Sol?

The Portugal island of Madeira is a famous tourist destination, drawing people with its gorgeous, beautiful landscapes, incredible hiking trails, varied festival and eventS calendar, excellent foods, and lovely weather throughout the year.

Ponta do Sol is a tiny, 500-year-old town in Madeira’s warmest region, around 40 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from Funchal.

How to Get Ponta Do Sol?

You can get on the plane and get to Madeira Airport. It takes approx. 90 minutes from the Lisbon Airport. The Airport is located in Funchal. Then you can drive to the Porta Do Sol, take a bus or a taxi from the airport. Driving from Ribeira Brava to Ponta do Sol takes 15 min and Funchal to Ponta do Sol takes 30 min.

Best Things To Do in Ponta Do Sol

In Madeira, Ponta do Sol is known for being the warmest spot on the island.

For its colorful houses, small valleys, and viewpoint from the dock, it is one of the most photogenic villages. The Ponta do Sol webcams can be used to check the weather. Ponta do Sol is one of the oldest towns in Madeira. It was founded in 1425, during the early years of colonization, and the village was founded in 1501.

The following are some of the things to do in Ponta do Sol:

  • A tiny roadway leads to the church from the beach, is filled with small restaurants and their outside terraces.
  • Strolling around the historic district, and the churches
  • Taking in the view of the seafront’s vivid architecture
  • Swimming and relaxing on the beach
  • Join several festivals and events during the year: L concert, Micro Film Festival, Madeira Dig
  • Walking on the old bridge to the pier
  • Enjoying the views of the many natural sightseeing
  • Exploring the island; Levada hikes, banana trees, old villages, etc.

The Digital Nomads Village Madeira Island project was launched to develop a unique society for digital nomads from across the world. It was established by the Regional Government of Madeira, Startup Madeira, and the professional digital nomad, Gonçalo Hall. Visit the official website for more information on how to join the Madeira Digital Nomad community.

ponta do sol©Digital Nomads Madeira Island

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