HOW to get a NIF and Portuguese Bank account while still in the USA or any other country

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HERE IS HOW to get a NIF and Portuguese Bank account while still in the USA or any other country.

I am currently working on getting a D7 visa (Retirement). I have never found a Portuguese Bank that would allow a person to open an account without a NIF. NIF is similar to a Social Security # (in the USA) for the Portuguese, so Like in the USA you need one to open a bank account.
You Can Get a NIF and a Bank account While in the USA, cheaply and without a lawyer.
Get a NIF from www nifonline pt. It costs about $80 USD. and it works! You can save a little ($5) by using coupon code “barefoot5” at checkout.
WAIT to receive your NIF Number,
Apply for a bank account online at You have to download their app from the app store and apply through the app, including uploading documents, Including your brand new NIF. Then WAIT. The final step in the process is a personal video interview with the Bank’s Identity Specialists. This service is in high demand and therefore be prepared to wait and try over and over again. The ID Service is located in Portugal so they are only opened in the USA’s Moring Hours (depending on your time zone). My experience was to connect to the verification service every morning as soon as I got up (7:30 EST) and then wait for a connection, you can figure that if they have not connected by about noon to 1:00pm EST they are closed in Portugal. I waited 4 days without ever connecting but “Boing” on the 5th day after about an hour I was greeted by an Id Specialist and was able to complete my application.
A couple of things to know, they needed a document that I was not prepared with and therefore I had to upload later (A completed and signed W9 from the government) which delayed the account opening by about a week. The second was the amount of the initial deposit, They require €1000 initial deposit as a wire from your REAL bank, not WISE or REVOLUT, so be prepared.

The whole process has taken the better part of 5 weeks, but your mileage may vary, so remain resolute and patient.

Disclosure: If you use the coupon code to purchase NIFOnline, You will get a discount and I will make a commission.

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Dear barefoot-travel: Thank you so much for this info. I was going to google this very question. Appreciate it.
For non US , what is the W9 document?
And is there any other bank that allow online account opening?

In the USA a W9 is a IRS form that is given to a 3rd party (Bank) to request Proof from the IRS that the stated Tax ID or Social Security Number is real and correct.

I do not know of any other banks that allow online account opening for Portugal.
I hope this helps…