Portuguese Golden Visa Funds

Hi everyone, where can I find the qualifiying funds for Portugal golden visa?

@alyosha You can find a comprehensive list of the funds here.


Thank you Robin, that’s helpful. Any recommendations on a conservative fund that will guarantee my capital?

There’s a couple of them from what I checked out. But the list keeps on growing. Right now, there are 30+ registered funds with CMVM in Portugal and apparently another 30+ are awaiting to be approved.

I honestly assess awaiting 2022 to apply. The chaos will be over, lawyers, advisory firms, fund managers will have more time and energy to spend on me, and as long as it’s a solid fund, I don’t mind allocating 500K€ on it.

WOW That many!
Thanks, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the ones you checked out @JGatdawn
DM me please