Renting prior to d7 visa

Hi , Can you use a campsite as a rental for your D7 application.?
I ask because we have a motorhome and would prefer to site at a campsite and then hire a car and explore ,before making a decision on where to relocate to .
thanks in advance

Jeff, I don’t know if campsites are allowed, but the rental contract is the most annoying issue in regards to the D7 visa.
We are planning on renting out a place for six months without seeing it, in order to go on with our application…

Thanks for the reply

Excuse me…
My question is:
Could I ask visa D7 from France where I live now.
My origin country is Algeria.
I live in Paris but with visa but I haven 't permanent residence.
So,could I go or contact Portuguese consult/ embassy for this kind of visa.
Looking forward to your reply.
Abdelhakim Hakem