Seeking Advice for My First Trip to Spain

I am very excited to share that I am making my dream of going to Spain come true. But since this is my first time traveling to this lively country, I feel somewhat confused and would appreciate some tips from people who are very familiar with Spain.

Initially, I am somewhat puzzled regarding the visa procedure. I grasp that Spain belongs to the Schengen Zone; however, it’s not completely transparent to me if it is necessary for me to request a visa in advance of my journey or if there exists any special rules for brief visits. Is there someone who can explain more about the visa application process and make it clearer?

Next, I am very excited to plan my schedule and fully use my time in Spain. Visiting old cities such as Barcelona and Madrid and enjoying the sun at Costa del Sol’s lovely beaches are among many things to see and experience. Could you suggest some essential places to see or less known spots that are important not to overlook while I’m here?

Also, I think about getting a guide to make my Spain trip better because I want to see old places and understand the way people live there. Can you tell me good tour groups or single guides who are good for someone traveling alone like me?

I am very thankful to everyone for your precious suggestions and guidance. I am really looking forward to starting this amazing journey to Spain✈️

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I am not sure about visa procedures. You can check this website for details. I hope it will help: You definitely need to visit the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, Royal Palace, and Prado Museum. For hidden gems, Ronda’s dramatic cliffs and Cadaqués’ coastal beauty are worth exploring.

Thanks for the info! This is really helpful. I’ll definitely check out these places! Do you think getting a local guide is a wise idea? Since I’ll be travelling alone.

Yes, James, getting a local guide is a good idea, especially when travelling alone if you’re not familiar with the place or language. They will help you to get insider knowledge, and help you discover the hidden gems of a city. Just make sure to choose a guide with good reviews and credentials. You can check or Ask for a tour guide from this facebook group Redirecting... Have a safe journey.

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I appreciate the advice; I really think so too, that having someone from the area to show you around is very beneficial, particularly when it’s an unfamiliar location. Knowing about those secret places and getting expert suggestions can change a nice journey into something truly memorable. Looking at the links you provided for guides seems like a wise decision. I am eager to discover Spain with some assistance from local people. Thanks again.