SEF Appointments: Update Thread

So many of us are waiting for biometrics slots from SEF to open up.

Let’s share on this thread any updates regarding this issue. Feel free to post if you finally got your dates, how the process went, or anything else that’s worth sharing.

Any tips would also be helpful.

Wishing all of us good luck in getting the appointments out of the way like a breeze!

Great initiative @Barb_T Thank you.

SEF is a bit of a closed box, when it comes to appointments.

In the second half of September 2021, they opened up Portugal Golden Visa biometrics appointments for the months of October and November.

Applicants and more often law firms, who were persistent enough, quickly filled up the open slots. There will probably be a wave of cancellations and modification, which will open up further spots in October and November.

However, from what I hear, long gone are the days of families going for their SEF appointments on the same day (let alone the same SEF office). You get served your hand, and you grab what you are served…

We shall await the December 2021 and January 2022 to open up, hopefully in the coming weeks.

Let’s all keep each other posted through this thread.

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I got lucky and booked my biometrics in Faro, but it took a lot of patience.

Cancellations open up every once in a while, especially at certain periods of the day/week.

Azores SEF appointments are known to open up right before midnight (PT time) for the following day. Mind you, you cannot cancel an appointment on the same day. So only book it, if you will be able to show up. You don’t want to be on the black book of the immigration office by missing an appointment without fair excuse.

Some of the larger Portugal Golden Visa law firms also shuffle their appointments during mid-workdays.

GL everyone!

Congratulations! I’m in a similar scenario, but I’m trying to get a biometric appointment to replace my residency permit (post-Brexit).

I am not in the country right now.
Where do you check for these appointments?

  1. Log in with your account details at
  2. Click on the calendar
  3. May lots of luck be with you, the more you try, the more chance you have at finding a spot :cowboy_hat_face: