Traveling to Portugal as an American

Hey hey, we are planning on traveling to Portugal this summer (2021) as a family.
We are all vaccinated. We’d like to visit the Silver Coast and the Algarve.
I believe as of June, we currently are not granted access to the country with US passports. Does anyone know if that will change soon?

You can check it out on the alerts and messages board of the US Embassy & Consulate in Portugal website.

Here is the link: Alerts and Messages | U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Portugal

As of June 2021, it is still not possible to directly fly into Portugal with a US passport. :pensive:

Late June 2021, I read this on the internet:
" Portugal has opened its borders for American tourists who can now enter the country with only a negative Coronavirus test result, which should be provided upon arrival."

So, yes, now you should be able to.

Hello, Barb!
I believe you are the author of a post I read about applying for temporary residency in Portugal by investment. It got my husband and I once again fired up for a similar pursuit. Our son has lived in Europe since 2013 and is soon to be wed to a woman who is a citizen of the EU. We would like to be able to visit them (and, quite possibly, baby-sit for them) in the future without the limits of the tourist visa. We have looked into the ‘Golden Visa’ programs in a number of countries and are now focused once again on Portugal. It had always been my first choice, but (as you no doubt know), the stakes changed a bit less than a week ago in terms of using real estate as the investment vehicle. So we are looking at other investments, and favor the Arts and Cultural Heritage sector as our son is in the Performing Arts (dance, to be specific). In your article, you mentioned that you did not want it to be an ‘advertorial,’ but that you would reveal the name of the professionals with whom you had worked in Portugal if contacted. Is this thread the right place for me to ask you such a question? I have reached out to one group of international lawyers so far, but have not had a consultation with them as of yet. Any advice you may be able to give me will be much appreciated!
Feliz Ano Novo,
Eileen T.