UAE Green Visa: What To Expect

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The UAE has introduced a new category of resident visas: the Green Visa. In conjunction with the UAE’s 50th anniversary, ‘Initiatives of the 50’ is a series of development and economic projects aimed at accelerating the UAE’s growth, consolidating it into a complete hub in all sectors, and establishing the UAE as an attractive destination for talents and investors. 

As with the Golden Visa, holders of the Green Visa are granted self-residency. It makes a distinction between work permits and residence permits. This implies that the residence permit is not connected to a corporate work permit, as it was previously. Employed individuals will sponsor their self-residency visa, not their employers.

Eligibility For UAE Green Visa

A new self-residency status known as the Green Visa is now available to investors, entrepreneurs, and highly talented persons, as well as top students and graduates from premier universities across the world. SME owners, scientists as well as other brilliant individuals will be considered.

Green Visa is to include investors, entrepreneurs, top students, and graduates. If you’re a scientist or running a small/medium enterprise you might be eligible. Are you a freelancer specialized in AI, blockchain, or digital currencies? Note that you can also qualify for UAE Green Visa.

UAE Green Visa – Children and Parents

What we know so far is that children until the age of 25, instead of 18 previously, can be sponsored in UAE Green Visa. Parents can be sponsored too.

This is what we know so far about UAE Green Visa. Until we have further details, you can check out our Digital Nomad Visas all around the world.