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When you’re a digital nomad working remotely, it doesn’t matter where you are if you’re getting the work done, right? So why not work from a beach where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail or a swim in the cool calming waters the minute your work hours are done?

This seems unquestionably appealing at first, but when you think about it, it’s more complicated than it sounds. Working from the beach is paradoxical by its nature: it’s a mutant lifestyle where work and holiday blend in together. It can be tricky to make a distinction between your work hours and leisure time; at times, you’ll feel the invasion of one by the other. 

If so, what makes it definitely worth the paradox it pulls you into? Let’s have a look at a few reasons why it’s great to work from a beach.

Why You Should Work From the Beach

1. It Reduces Your Stress

One of the compelling sides of working remotely is that although you’re in the comfort of your own home, you’re left alone with the stress that work-life can cause. In an office, interaction with your fellow workers can create a sense of solidarity and ease the stress. Even going for a little coffee break with a colleague can go a long way. Whereas if you’re home, it can take a while to handle the distress on your own.

In another case, your co-workers might be what’s weighing you down, and running into the other room might not be enough to cool you down after an overwhelming meeting.

Working from the beach will most definitely decrease the risk of burn-out. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can take a walk on the beach, inhale the fresh air and enjoy the sea breeze to relax. Besides, what can be more relieving than going for a swim in your lunch break?

2. It Keeps You Fit and Fresh

Fresh air, a clean environment, and vitamin D will keep you healthy. Regular physical activities like taking walks on the beach before starting to work and swimming will keep you fit and energetic. 

Do you know what else the beach is perfect for? Yoga and meditation. If you’re into one of these two, you can enjoy zen moments early in the morning at the beach rather a lot.

3. It Enhances Your Productivity

We know it is not very easy to make a distinction between work hours and leisure time when you’re constantly stepping on hot sand, with a view of the palm trees and the soothing sound of the waves in your ear. 

But if you succeed in adjusting yourself to the beach vibe and manage your time accordingly, you will be even more productive than you were at home or maybe even at the office. 

Being away from the city’s stimulant atmosphere will help you focus more on your timetable than what a faster pace of life imposes on you. With your body and mind alive and kicking, becoming the master of your own time, you will be working much more efficiently. 

4. It Boosts Your Creativity

You’re sitting on your couch, procrastinating scrolling up and down on social media at the moment. Just put your phone down and imagine you’re watching the sunset over the serene sea, sipping up a tasty Piña Colada with salt on your tanned skin. Even the image itself can get you motivated, right? 

If that’s the case, think about how it would boost your creativity to have that view in front of you: all those colors and sounds, the warmth of the sun…

Essential Tools for Remote Work From the Beach

We’ve talked about the romantic side of working from the beach, now it’s time for the technicalities. Here are some essential tools that will make your experience much smoother:

  • A folding chair to avoid working in uncomfortable positions
  • Waterproof bags to protect your electronics
  • A power bank to make sure you can recharge your phone and laptop wherever in case they run out of battery
  • Noise-isolating headphones that will help you stay focused
  • VPN to access information from any location
  • Anti-glare screen protectors to prevent the sunlight from interfering with your work
  • A portable hotspot gadget to ensure you have WiFi at all times and places
  • Laptop locks because you can never be too cautious

Best Destinations Where You Can Work From the Beach

Now that you know the perks and essentials of working from the beach, it’s time to decide where to go. We’ve gathered a couple of favorable destinations together for you to simplify making a choice. 


In case you’re looking to have a full grasp of island culture with all its colors and natural beauties and mesmerizing beaches, Bermuda is the place for you. 

You can stay in Bermuda as a remote worker for a year if you deliver a document that you have health insurance and a document that shows you’re employed. If you’re a student, on the other hand, you need to deliver a student certificate or an enrolment document.


Barbados seems to be a perfect destination for remote workers with its rapid internet and mobile systems. 

A digital nomad visa for Barbados is valid for 12 months. It is expensive but its validation period can be prolonged by leaving and re-entering the country. 

Cayman Islands 

Whatever you dream about an island, the Cayman Islands can offer you on a silver platter. 

You can work remotely in the Cayman Islands for two years with the Global Citizen Concierge Program. However, to apply for this program, you need to prove that you’re making around €100,000 per year.


With their authentic culture and absorbing lifestyle, Croatian coastal cities are the right place for digital nomads that are looking for a change in their lives. The Digital Nomad Visa for Croatia allows you to stay and work remotely in Croatia for 12 months so long as you meet its requirements.


Dominica, also known as the Caribbean’s Nature Island, is a tropical paradise that attracts digital nomads from all over the world. This English-speaking island can be a great place to work from the beach where you can find the perfect balance between work and life.

Thanks to Dominica’s Work in Nature Extended Stay Visa, you can enjoy what this island has to offer for up to 18 months.


If good food and the Mediterranean Sea sound like a good duo to you, Greece may be the perfect destination for you. With Greece Digital Nomad Visa, you can enjoy working from the Mediterranean coasts for up to 12 months.

The Bottom Line

There you have it…We’ve given you an introduction to working from the beach and how you can make it more convenient when you have sand between your toes.

Have you ever worked from the beach? Are you planning to? Let us know…